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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Aurora, CO USA
Children Emerson, born 1988

How fitting that we are writing these little summaries of our lives, just as Southwest is closing its doors!

I have great memories of some of the best and most inspiring times of my life! I have needed that because my life has been very challenging. I have dealt with serious personal issues such as prolonged illness, divorce and my beautiful son Emerson, who is severely autistic.

I did work briefly in journalism and was managing editor of the Squire weekly newspapers in KC way back in the early '70s. I have lived in Colorado for 45 years.

A shout-out to my brilliant classmates, who have inspired me and
made me assume that the climb is never too high.

School Story

I was president of Aurora, a new literary society that shocked the world :) by winning the contest twice in a row (and a third time the year after I graduated, it was insane!) It taught me a valuable lesson about life, that underdogs can win with talent and ambition! That has been an inspiration to me my whole life, because it was so amazing and unexpected.

How likely is it that you will attend the reunion? We are trying to estimate the attendance, particularly for the Saturday evening event.

Not likely.

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Marcia Ann, better late than never.....I just wrote some comments in reply to what you wrote me a couple months ago and they didn't transfer to your profile, but they're on mine if you would like to read them! They are at the bottom of the page. Best wishes to you. I hope that if you go to the reunion, you will get lots of hugs and it will be wonderful.

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Do you remember me from Hartman? I also love in Denver, not quite as long as you, but 43 years.
Marsha (Weinberg) Blum

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Who could forget Ruth stopping the show during "The Music Man," belting out songs with the barbershop quartet? She was a star!

She was also a very nice person, unaffected by all the attention she got at Southwest. That says even more about her.

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Sonny was my first boyfriend, in second grade at Hartman Elementary. Never have I had a smarter or more handsome boyfriend! We used to chase each other on the playground, it was pretty serious stuff. Unfortunately we were both very fast runners and neither one of us could be caught :) We were in really good shape though.

He was a wonderful boy and sounds like he became a wonderful young man. I am so glad. He was a special person to me.

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